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    Welcome to The Precision Marksman      

Do you believe in the right to bear arms and the right to protect yourself or your family members? Then You need a concealed carry handgun permit!!
North Carolina requires you to take an 8hr class in order to have your concealed carry weapons permit. This permit also acts as a unlimited handgun purchase permit!! TPM also offers different levels of courses from Basic to advanced courses! Scroll down to check out all classes

There are 2 different option's that you can chose to complete your Concealed Carry Class

All Day Saturday from 8am-5pm
Two Part Night Class held 2 nights during the week from 6pm-10pm

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Instructor: Brandon Moose
Phone: (704) 467-4378
E-Mail: theprecisionmarksman@gmail.com

Phil 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
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**Once you make your deposit don't forget to include the date of the class you wish to attend  and if you need to rent a .22 pistol.
$30 due the day of class
email me
TBD , 2013 ( 9am-5pm )
Personal Protection Inside the Home- Course Cost $125

As a result in crime rate over the past years we have seen an increased public interest in personal protection. Many Students have exercised their gun rights by taking the concealed carry class. Whether you're a concealed carry holder or just interested in home protection this is the perfect class for you!!
The concealed class gives you the legal right to obtain a concealed carry permit as well as learning the laws to deadly force and defense of others, where you can and cannot carry etc...
The personal protection inside the home class gives you a more advanced knowledge and skill level to effectively engage the intruder as well as ways to make your home less appealing to an intruder, what to expect mentaly before and after an encounter. You will also learn, advanced and practical shooting positions, aiming, firing techniques the use of cover/concealment and methods of clearing various types of malfunctions and much more. You will fire around 100 rounds to practice these skills learned. These are the core skills needed to encounter a life-threatening attack in the home!
Prerequisites: Must already know the basic firearm
To register for the class please scroll down below         Skills. How to properly and safely aim
and make a $45 deposit to hold your spot in the class                    handle, unload/Load and clear the gun
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Basic Pistol Class
Only 6 spots will be filled!
Call or E-mail to set up a group of 3 or more!
Cost $60 + $15 range fee

Are you ready to learn the basics of shooting and how to safely operate a handgun in a relaxed judge free environment??!! Now is the time,  If you have never shot a handgun or just bought a gun and want to learn the basics this is the class for you!! In this 2.5 hr class you will learn...

-How to properly fire the gun
-Proper handling techniques
- How to load and unload the handgun and more!
- You will also have a chance to practice these skills learned with the help of a NC Certified Instructor by shooting 50 Rounds of ammunition in a controlled and safe environment
(30 mins @ an Indoor Range)

Scroll down and make a $15 deposit to register for the class!! The Other $60 due the day of class!

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3hr Range day
Availability (TBD)

This is NOT required for other classes. Just for the 3hr Range day
3hr Range day (TBD)

Total Cost $55
Scroll down to make a $15 deposit to register!

**Only 8 spots will be filled in each class!!**

It is time!! A lot of students have requested for a place to rapid fire, practice reload drills and develop their shooting skills but you can't do that at the indoor ranges! Now you have the chance! TPM is offering a range day where we will put you through a 100 round course of fire, utilizing cover/concealment, Reload drills, multiple target engagements, Shooting from, weak side and strong side standing and kneeling positions! You will also be shooting on the move! This day is for all experience levels, Men and Women! You can go as fast or as slow as you want! We are here to help and answer questions!!!

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**Up coming All Day Saturday Class's**
3 Different  Dates
Cost: $75 Lunch is provided
Locust, NC
Aug 1st
Sept 12th
Oct 3rd
**2 Part Night Class**
Here are some other option's for those who can't attend an all day Saturday
Cost: $75 + $10 Indoor Range fee to qualify (Night class only)

Call or email to set up a private group class! Need 5 or more students!
Any 2 nights during the week
(Shooting Qualification will be on night 2)

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email me